Legend of the Blue Sea, 1 final episode to go

Well, I am one episode from finishing it, but why has it been so hard? I find Lee Min-ho as appealing as ever, Jun Ji-hyun is beautiful and equally delightful when she’s classy and clowning. When I watch it I find it entertaining. It’s just…

I think that it’s the lack of a cohesive threat; I don’t really care about evil stepmom, mainly because dad was such a wuss. And if all Chung had to do to remove the Mad Dog threat was to lay hands on him (or evil stepmom), it kind of negates everything they’ve gone through. (At least I can stop worrying about whether or not Nam-do was a bad ‘un.)

I’m hoping I get a slam-dunk finish though, with lots of pretty and HEA to tie things all together.

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