Chief Kim, a first look

I know, I know… I should have finished Legend of the Blue Sea, but there was Namgoong Min winking at me and I succumbed!


I’ve watched the first 6 episodes and so far I mostly like what I see, though that orangey hair color he’s saddled with is a little bizarre and not the most flattering look, but there’s still that lovely voice to appreciate.

I was also surprised as heck to see Lee Jun-ho, sexy man-boy singer Lee Jun-ho of 2PM, as the manipulative antagonist who tries to pull Chief Kim’s (Namgoong Min) strings and get him to do his dirty work – and mostly fail so far.


Nam Sang-mi who is so delicate and sweet looking is playing smart and hardworking and not in a Candy-kind of way, so it’s another plus to have a female lead who’s strong and independent. She’s far from falling for Chief Kim’s ‘charms’ so far (but it could be because he’s not got that many on display!)

Maybe I like it because there’s a hint of The History of a Salaryman to the dynamics between the main characters, but it’s a solid start.