Legend of the Blue Sea, only at Ep. 16

OK, let’s try out this new posting system. 😀

Anyway I agree with you, Robin. This drama is fun but not compelling.  I really have no urgency to watch it so I get easily distracted by other things, and on some nights, even forget that its waiting to be watched.  Though I can’t totally blame the drama for that because I haven’t been in the mood for Asian dramas for months now.  I find them so predictable now, and the romances so tepid…  It’s really depressing me.  My heart used to pound right out of my chest watching these once upon a time, and now I just don’t feel much. 😦

I’m thinking now I should have paced myself instead of inhaling everything in sight for the last 10 years, hahaha, maybe I would not feel so jaded now. I need different cultures to explore…