Finale: Legend of the Blue Sea

Yes, it took me a while, but mainly because I did not watch a single drama episode while away (enjoying a little bit of my own blue sea for a portion of that time).

The best part of the final episode? (Minor spoilers if you’ve not seen it)

Heo Joon showing Cheong what memory loss would look like to her when it really mattered. And y’know, I don’t think it was a cruel trick at all, somehow.

The bad part? We skip the lovey-dovey part and see her studying for her GED with a wedding photo on the desk. No fair! Married couples get to have serious skinship because it’s legal! (Now I’m pouting)

I also think that the ‘house’ (more like ‘shack’) by the sea was incredibly ugly and hey, no room for mom and Nam-do and Tae-hoo to come visit (let alone their hybrid progeny having a room of their own).

It was sort of satisfying in a the proverbial Chinese food way – tasty while consuming but an hour later I found I was wanting more. I think that can be said for much of the drama; while I was enjoying the episodes in action I was generally satisfied, but once they were over I felt like I was suffering some sort of mermaid-induced amnesia of my own. Why was it good…? Production values, pretty casting, and some generally adequate storytelling, but the villain angle (angles?) was a little too disjointed.

I think that the more I think about it – as time fades – the less satisfied I’ll end up with the drama, even though I now that it was a respectable outing for Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Minho. Time will tell.

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