A Beautiful life – Chinese style

I came across this movie a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed it. Made in 2011 it stars Liu Ye as our hero and I was instantly taken with him and the way he played his character. His “heroic” qualities shone from the first moment..and by that I don’t necessarily mean that he fought off attackers to save the girl either..no..what made him a hero was those qualities within (course a handsome face didn’t hurt either..lol..)..I loved his patience..his loyalty..his unending support..his non-judgemental attitude..his love for his autistic little brother. In fact he was sooo good I felt like shaking him at times…I so didn’t want anyone to take advantage of his goodness..including our needy heroine. It’s the kind of movie that has it all..love..hope..pain..loneliness..friendship and just simple humanity. Now I have to check out his other works..of course!!