Dokkaebi ep 1 – Yoo looking fine!

Now this is more like it!

TvN is spending their money wisely; talented actors, beautiful scenarios and production work, and an interesting story. One episode in and I feel much more invested in the story than I did with Legend of the Blue Sea, and I think it’s because they’ve taken the trouble to make us care about the leads as people and to hold back on any sort of attraction between them.

Yes, call me shallow, but I think that Gong Yoo is looking very good in this role, even with a mane of glory (the lad has gorgeous hair in general), and I am enjoying the fact that they’ve not explained a lot of the story to us yet – why is he called a traitor? Don’t know, but I feel sure we’ll find out. In fact, I had a little Nirvana in Fire vibe with a general betrayed by his emperor with the opening sequence – how about you?


What I found even more gratifying was how much I was interested in Eun-tak’s story and how Kim Go-eun is doing in her role. It’s kind of a Cinderella story, but not in a sad Candy-kind of way. I liked her in Cheese in the Trap, but I like her a lot more so far in this (and thankfully no frizzy orange hair for her!)

Best of all (perhaps) is that they’ve not made it so dark that they’ve lost their sense of humor. There have been a number of small moments where I laughed out loud, and when things are dark, you need a little sunshine.

Also, full confession: I watched the first 3 episodes even though I planned on stopping after episode 2, but the cliffhanger at the end of 2 kept me going. The cliffhanger at the end of 3 was a huge temptation but I resisted… just. I know that some people complained about the longer run time of the episodes but I will not be one of them! Give me more!

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