Dokkaebi – ep 2, Oh, the (b)romance!

Seriously, the rapport between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-work is off the charts! I had seen a number of references to it in the blogo/twitterspheres, but having avoided the temptation of watching the clips proving it – an almighty labor on my part, panting as I was to see more Gong Yoo 😉 – I did not know just how good those two would be playing off each other.

The best part about their snarky repartee is that it’s delivered with the perfect amount of sting and not overacted at all. The dinner table whizzing of utensils and cool “I meant to do that” had me laughing and laughing… until the end when it’s clear that these two are throwing in their collective might to save Ji Eun-tak.


Seriously, would you not just be swooning to see this particularly “cavalry” (peditry?) come to your rescue?

I am also enjoying how Eun-tak is getting under Kim Shin’s skin, and how perplexed by her he is (how could she follow him through the door to Quebec?), and how much he wants her – or so it seems – to be his true bride, the woman who will save him from the sadness of immortality.

Yes, it’s sad that Eun-tak has had to go the trials of loneliness and familial abuse that she’s endured to date, not to mention having to see needy spirits, but her resilience is charming and not childish and to someone like Kim Shin, just the sort of emotional kick in the pants he seems to need.

That cliffhanger of the gangsters driving away with her to beat her no doubt to death to get their answers (and just where is the insurance policy?) and being stopped in their tracks by the lights popping off (a la Dumbledore’s lamplighter spell) and the menacing moment before these two silhouettes appear on that lonely road was too tempting. Even though it was after 1:00 am I had to go on the episode 3!


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