Dokkaebi – ep 3, What to wear…

Certainly with a major commercial actor like Gong Yoo in the production (not to mention A-lister beauty like Yoo Inna), there was never going to be any surprise in wardrobe creativity for this production, but I really enjoyed the wardrobe choice when the Reaper and the Goblin st/rode to Eun-tak’s defense!

I do not believe that it could be any accident that the former general Kim Shin showed up in a military-inspired coat!


And of course, the result was what one of the gangster kidnappers muttered – they were indeed the MIB as the Reaper was able to wipe the memories of the two thugs!

The banter continues most delightfully, especially the petty bickering between the two gods complete with score-keeping. At first I was perplexed that a general of Kim Shin’s skill would be so afraid of blood on anything, but then realized that it has to be a throwback to ancient days when a traitor to the emperor would have his execution order written in blood (which is why you don’t use red ink to write anyone’s name in Korea).

I am also appreciating the tonal flow of this drama, that they are taking the time to show us the feelings of these characters. Eun-tak is just as lonely as Shin is, and the metaphor of incessant rain whenever he’s unhappy is used to lovely effect when he (finally) finds her back on the seashore and shelters her from the rain.


She is such a thoughtful young woman too, so sensitive to his moods that she is now going to worry whenever it rains.

And now we have another mystery on our hands – who exactly was the Reaper before he sinned so greatly and became a reaper? And now that he’s finally met Yoo Inna’s Sunny (not Sun-hyo), just who was she, and who is the mysterious granny/hotty? Why are the Reaper and Sunny going to pay a heavy price?

Deok-Hwa is a fun addition with each episode – he’s so brash and unaffected by the power the two gods wield! The conversation where grandad comes to the house and discovers the Reaper (I’m his friend, yeah, and you’re leaving now) and he and Deok-Hwa end up outside on the steps was hilarious.

Oh, and the way the two gods react when the doorbell rings (it’s Eun-tak) because they’re so startled by the unexpectedness of it was funny too, but omona! When the truth comes out – Eun-tak can see the sword! Cliffhanger number 3!


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