Dokkaebi – ep 4, Verification

Now that somethings are revealed (and that can be understood on multiple levels), we’re ready to move on to the next level in this story.

And, may I have a drunk goblin of my very own, please?

I’m sure if I did, I’d be beaming like Eun-tak is!

But seriously, I can understand the emotional rollercoaster that Shin’s on; he’s waiting over 900 years for the one person who has the ability to end his eternal torment, but finding out that it is this lonely yet cheerful sprite has to cause him some heartache. He can tell she’s as happy as a clam to know that finally she’s found the person (goblin) to whom she’s supposed to belong – her spiritual soulmate – and by her doing what needs to be done she’s going to be left alone again and devastated that she’s going to be the one who will be responsible for her misery and he’ll be “happy” at finally being able to be at peace.

Her explanation for why she didn’t tell him about seeing the sword was perfectly logical and funny – and so adorable. And the reaction of Shin and the Reaper when she reveals her secret ability just allowed a dramatic scene to not become morose. Reaper’s remark about death ringing the doorbell indicating that at least it should be a kind one had me chuckling.

And Mr. Reaper – no name, no knowledge of what he’s done to deserve that fate, totally clueless about how to communicate with a woman with whom he’s smitten – flat out funny when you consider how he hangs out and watches makjang dramas! Whahaha!

I can feel Sunny’s burn at his not calling her, and understand how she can’t seem to get mad at him when in his company because, as she puts it, he’s the best looking man she’s ever seen (okay, shallow but perfectly understandable), and then there’s the way he’s fair gobsmacked by her in return.

It’s the big moments and the little moments that charm me about the story so far – lighthearted moments, like Shin recalling just what he did while drinking the previous night (and making flowers bloom in his happiness :-)) and the banter between the three men – and the thoughtful ones that make me feel these characters as having real emotional weight to them that pull me in deeper.

One thing I thought about in writing this post was the subtle way the writer has connected Shin and Eun-tak as people who shoulder burdens, but who still continue to care. Yes, Shin can manipulate emotions and memories so that her greedy aunt and cousins will pay a price for their treatment of Eun-tak (and how funny that he makes them unable to remember where they lived or how to contact her so that they pay for their greed by looking like they’ve stolen the gold… which they actually did) and the newly-made couple of users who will by their breaking up with existing partners save those unseen figures from heartache in this lifetime – this is a powerful god who’s not about punishing people. But he’s also rewarding people, like the boy he saved in Quebec, now a man he’s taking the trouble to shepherd to the afterlife personally, instead of the Reaper. Eun-tak is a suitable partner for him because even though she’s young and human, she has the same gift of compassion, which you’ll see in ep. 5 (edited).

But the connection between Shin and Eun-tak and how it grows – and the way she can just follow him to that mysterious portal to Quebec is so interesting – plus I’m glad that they are getting more bang for their Canadian buck by filming there. The giddy goblin wanting to impress her by buying out the snack section was sweet, but the look on his face when he realizes that his heart has been well and truly touched by this young woman was so poignant.

I think rain clouds are in the future.

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