Dokkaebi – ep 6, Stop calling me

We continue with that lovely blend of emotions – highs and lows and everything in between, but I’m really glad that we get the chuckles because there are some deeply melancholy moments in this episode.


From Eun-tak’s trying to figure out exactly what will happen if she pulls out the sword and triggering Shin’s painful memories of loss and betrayal (and wasn’t the moment when she wipes away his tears just lovely?) to his trying to come to grips with what saying goodbye will really mean to him and to those around him we’re on the long march with Shin. Sure, on one hand he’s been looking for this resolution to his punishment for so long, but it seems so very cruel now that he’s actually found love and friendship.


There are tears all around because Eun-tak is just as touched by him as he is her, and as she says, it’s just a miracle that he answered her mother’s prayer because it was on behalf of her unborn child.

I love the fact that he does things like put up a Christmas tree for her (because she had enjoyed the Christmas store in Quebec on that first trip? …oh, and btw, is that not the best decorated Christmas tree you’ve ever seen in an Asian drama? Usually they are the most haphazard affairs :-)), and keeps putting off “B-Day” because “it’s too nice a day,” or “it’s to miserable a day,” or “just because,” and then echoes those in his (not quite) last words to her about the time spent with her being blindingly bright. That was just the loveliest speech.

I also enjoy the way Eun-tak continues to try and press for some deeper connection, some confirmation that they’re bonded in some way – a family. She has expectations from him and it’s something that makes me afraid for her, this lonely girl, and roots for her because she deserves it.


And of course, the bromance between Shin and the Reaper gets funnier all the time. I like how jealous Shin continues to be of any conversation between the Reaper and Eun-tak, and how the ineptness of the two gods at knowing how to proceed with the right thing in the human world and understanding communications with women is so difficult is there thing. Reaper offering a hug was worthy of a spit take!

I think that the pace of the connection between Sunny and Reaper could be picked up a bit, though. Yeah, I get it that she’s swooning over his looks to the point that she has amnesia over his flaws in his presence but is so grumbly when he doesn’t follow (know) the dating rules of engagement. He coughed up that ring so quickly; I want more with the two of them and why he feels he has to stalk her, rather than just talk to her.

The other thing that I’m wondering about is the guy who was the plotting minister in ancient times and is now the secretary to the grandfather – he seemed like a professional and okay guy in modern times, but now we know (from his lips) that he used to be a gangster. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out how he becomes a backstabber in modern times… Oh, and Granny/Hotty… was she soothing that sick child as a healing fairy godmother or easing his path into the afterlife? I see her as some sort of supreme being in disguise but I’m not placing an wagers on her identity.

Oh! And why can’t Eun-tak remove the blade? Do they have to consummate their relationship? I loved how it was she who took the initiative and kissed him, thinking that this was the answer! Go for it, girl!

Finally, I love the look of this show and the warm color palette (though Gong Yoo can dress in gray sweaters and coats any day he wants …when he’s not taking showers). Wasn’t this a poignant use of split screen technique?


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