Dokkaebi – ep 7, Is happiness the key?

More questions keep cropping up – I need answers!


So, if Sunny is the incarnation of the Empress (though why don’t they look alike when the previous reincarnations of people do) as it would appear, does that mean by the reaction of the Reaper that he is the Emperor paying for his crimes by having to become a Reaper? And why doesn’t he look like the Emperor if that’s the case? He does have the same tendency to want to spy on the object of his affections… Curious and curiouser…

And the sword… is the key to its removal that Shin must know happiness (feeling happiness seemed to cause him pain, and the results of its removal during happiness would seem to be a really painful thing for both him and Eun-tak)? Arghhh! That would be a very sad thing indeed, as he’s just figured out that it’s really her happy, lovely face he’s wanting to see, prolonging his endless immortality.


I think I need answers, but can I take the emotional bruising? I’m already very invested!

They are going to need to give me infusions of playfulness and gentle sarcasm and fun to help me through this story, I think, like the phone idiots…


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