Goblin – Ep 9 spoilers

Well – it feels like in this episode they took one step forward and then one step back again… Spoilers after the jump.

Just when you thought that indeed she was finally told the truth (and I really was surprised that Reaper did tell her..I definitely thought she would come to that conclusion herself)..and that she could make an informed decision..now we’re back to..there’s one little detail that she is not to be told..his life or hers..it feels really bittersweet for her to be so happy and feel this false sense of security in that all she has to do is refuse and life will go on..on the other hand..are the writers giving us little clues that there might be an “out”? I really don’t want to bring my hopes up and am prepared to not see a happily ever after ending but they are throwing little crumbs out there..like having the bizarre thing like a human where a human shouldn’t be..or Reaper’s assertion that it might be the god’s will to have either one life or the other but it wasn’t his..huh??? Since when does he have that kind of power??

Back to our couple..I have to say that..in the scene where he was giving her that back hug..I felt so sorry for them..both of the actors looked amazingly COLD and chilly and just plain uncomfortable! I would have thought a real hug would have been more appropriate then so that they could at least keep each other warm..lol!!

This little family is so sweet together I just can’t bear the thought of them breaking up!!


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