Dokkaebi – ep 10, Answers?

Can we categorically say that we understand why Kim Shin was considered a traitor? Did we really get answers to why he was made into a dokkaebi? Spoiler-related comments after the jump.

My short answer: kind of.

I get it that the young king’s mind was poisoned by the minister (and please, let this incarnation of that face continue to be the righteous man Shin thinks he’s become) against Shin and his sister, and disobeying any command of a king however right it was to do so is still treason, but just why exactly should Shin have to face any punishment? For the death of his sister and other family retainers? It was her choice; I think she could see what would happen and encouraged him to face the king.


But who is Reaper in the garb of the king? Is he the boy king decades later? Are we to assume that the corpse wrapped in golden silk that dokkaebi Shin came back to see (take revenge?) at some later point was actually years later at this point in the king’s life?

But at least there is clear understanding on the part of Shin and Reaper that Sunny is his sister reincarnated, for whatever that’s worth. I have no idea where they’re going to take this story, but I’m hopeful that it’s something that will acknowledge the great friendship that these two have formed, their mutual suffering over their sentenced punishments, and give us some sort of reason for hope.


After all, how can you destroy a friendship where two men cook together? Or buy leeks together? 😂 Or try and help a brother out with his lady love?


But seriously, I enjoy the couple-hood of Shin and Eun-tak and hope like Hades that we’re being misled by that butterfly into thinking that we’re facing a Korean ending to their love story. Their date was so perfectly them; a little taste of alcohol, beating up some bullies to impress your lady love, a sincere kiss full of love given and returned. Lovely!

By the way, we have complained about the Subway product placement but not about some of the others. I can’t find it in me to complain about the Discovery sportswear PPL in this because Gong Yoo looks so amazing in each of those winter coats and outfits. I can imagine that they’ll sell a lot! On the other hand though, Yoo In-na is coming out on the short end of the stick; first she has that unflattering orange hair color, as well as a wardrobe that is one ugly outfit after another. I’m glad that they mocked the yellow coat. It deserved it, and more. But everything she wears, like the plaid jacket with the giant red lapels during the breakup scene is generally very ugly and a crime on a woman who’s very attractive and has a killer figure.

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