Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Initial Impressions

No spoilers – And of course because I’m nothing if not capricious, and because I was not wanting to do more than 2 episodes of Dokkaebi at a sitting, in order to savor it (I might come down with the Korean actor version of Stendahl Syndrome if I watched too much Gong Yoo at one time ;-)), so in addition to 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms I started in on the seemingly fluffy Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

The cast is cute, they joke around with pretty Park Hyung-sik’s character having to be gay because he’s not spending time going out with women and he teases back by ‘flirting’ with Jisoo’s cop character. It’s fun to see the teensy-tiny heroine play the girl with super strength because both guys are pretty tall – and Jisoo in particular is filling out nicely!

There is a dark side to it though (she has to put that strength to good use somehow), and while there’s some stuff to laugh at, there’s a dose of creepy too. I’ve watched the first 5 episodes and I’ll continue with it as a filler.

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