Speaking of Fantasies…

I’m still watching “Starry Night,” and I can’t say I’m really a fan at this point. The only person who intrigues me is our mysterious merman, and I also find the designated bad guy a bit intriguing too (he’s a cutie and he’s got sex appeal). But the heroine, I don’t like – she’s childish, silly, petty and way too animated for my taste. I can’t even begin to picture the serious, all knowing merman falling in love with this goofy girl! Overall, there’s way too much silliness here, and it’s taking away my desire to continue. I’d like to give some examples of the “rolling eyes,” and “cringeworthy” stuff, but they are spoilers, minor as they may be.

I’m hoping that when they do fall in love, the story takes a turn for the better for me. It’s 40 episodes, but they only run 40-45 minutes… sometimes even that’s too much! I can’t believe this girl is 33 yrs old in real life! She is getting on my nerves!!!!