Dokkaebi – ep 11, Should we do that?

Finally! We see progress in terms of some (not all) questions being answered! But is that a good thing? Spoilers after that jump.


Yeah, finding out that your part-timer’s boyfriend is somehow strangely convincing when he describes how things played out for you in your past life has to be pretty shocking. It’s a good thing that Sunny removed the hot pink version of the ugly furry jacket before she got all pasty and sweaty because that would have had Eun-tak dialing 911.

But the real shock to her system is yet to come, when she somehow intuitively senses the Reaper in her store and brushes him with the cherry blossom branch (made come into happy blooms when Shin is tickled pink to have Eun-tak need him just because) and knocks off his hat and invisibility.

Yep, shocking. And how can it even begin to play out as a love story?

But as for Shin and Eun-tak, omona! He told her the full truth! It’s her life or his life, and they don’t have time to play around. I love the way she grasps at straws and he lets her because he’s kind of out of answers – “I’ll just die and you can continue on until I get reincarnated” or “You’ll die” or “We’ll both die.” But he isn’t giving up just yet and neither is she and I love watching the two of them take delight in each other’s company. I love it that he’s all General Shin as her backup too!


We still get some bits of history, but not yet any really, really, really good reason for him to have been punished as a goblin, but we do get to see him as a savvy Joseon-era entrepreneur with a mid-life version of reincarnated chairman or Duk-hwa and meeting briefly an older version of Eun-tak (it was her, right?)


But omo, omo, what the hell was that cliffhanger about, with the corpse-like version ghost of the evil minister?! I hope he’s not here to possess secretary Kim (who appears to be a righteous man), but either way he smells like major trouble!

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