Dokkaebi – ep 13, Monsoon season?

Okay, we’ve still got 3 more long episodes to go and we have to use up our current stock of tissues already? More questions and more answers, but seriously, I’m almost wishing I remained in the dark. Spoilers after the jump.


As angry as Shin is to learn that Reaper really is Wang Yeo, I was very relieved to see him unable to harm him – though it begs the question, what exactly could a goblin do to a reaper? Does a goblin’s god status give him greater powers than what a reaper has? I mean, a reaper has to follow rules and file expense reports, and has, it turns out, a Reaper Investigation Bureau, whereas Shin just does what he wants (when he’s not being manipulated by god).

And there was a little math answer tossed out there (I’d been trying to figure out how old Shin was supposed to be in before his death) and it was said that there was 18 or 20 years in between his death and his becoming a goblin, which helped answer the question about why he was ‘late’ in getting to the king to work a little goblin magic. I’m going to have to stick with 37, Gong Yoo’s real age, and his younger sister was much younger than he, maybe 16 or 17.

But back to the events at hand; the whole business about creepy eunuch Park Joong-heon revealed a lot more detail. Not only was he busy poisoning anyone who got in the way of his pawn’s place on the throne, once he could no longer control him reliably he gave him small doses of the poison too! And the whole business about wanting to first kill Sunny (because it would give him pleasure and hurt Shin again) and then possess Eun-tak so that he could use her hands to pull the sword to kill Shin was diabolical! But it was heartbreaking to see Shin put all the pieces together and know that he had no more time, no 100 years with Eun-tak to tell her he loved her and that his mission was indeed to use the sword given him by the king to kill the eunuch.


I’m glad that we got that beautiful little overnighter in the hanok style guest house so that we could see them be a happy couple, almost as if they’d known each other for those 100 years but had managed to stay in love the entire time. The way she climbed on him to try and grab her contract and kissed him was so natural – they looked like they were having such genuine fun – it made the intense, desperate kiss before the confrontation all the more poignant and believable. This was not a cardboard, pressing the lips together kind of kiss!

Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na also managed to break my heart a little bit here too because there seems like there is no way that they can reconcile their differences. It’s interesting that Sunny is so much more accepting of things than one might expect, and sad as it was for her to give him back the ring, it felt like the right thing to do, especially as she knows how it was originally given to her as Kim Sun.


I don’t know how Lee Dong-wook managed to muster sooooo many tears in the filming of these most recent episodes! I know that Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have had to tear up plenty too, but his eyes have been leaking near constantly! By the filming of the scene on the bridge you could really tell that his eyes were like sandpaper.


By the way, I just loved it when Shin comes home to discover Reaper looking at the painting and he gets all furious big brother and tells Reaper to keep his hands off that painting! You could say technically it was Reaper’s painting as he’d originally drawn it, but I can understand fully Shin’s rage. Oh, and I must say that I think Lee Dong-wook looks better with the kingly top-knot and little beard and mustache – it’s a more attractive, manly look somehow (even if he’s so bereft and remorseful). In general I hate the mop over the forehead hairstyle and want to see the hair back from the face. Can you imagine hiding Gong Yoo’s face with a mop of hair like that? Nooooo!

Finally, Shin is up in flaming particles and as I mentioned, we’ve still got 3 episodes left. Can he come back with the first snow after all, please?


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