Dokkaebi – ep 14, Reset

Even with what transpires in this episode I still need more tissues! Darn you, show! Spoilers after the jump.

Let me get this straight in my head; Shin refuses to go to heaven or wherever he’s supposed to go now that he’s done his good deed and atoned for his sins and is no longer being punished and spends 9 years in a frozen purgatory clutching his original copy of the contract and he returns again still a goblin? Let me pause a moment while I wrap my head around this…

They still managed to make me cry again, first by replaying the final moments of the battle and Shin’s departure (for want of a better word), then by making me watch Eun-tak’s very palpable and realistic grief at her loss. I felt that because I’ve felt that way, when I got the news about my sister – it’s raw, it’s overwhelming. Her desperate need to write down what she’s supposed to remember because she knows that her memory is going to get wiped was so touching, but it’s a miracle that the girl’s not gone mad seeing those words and not able to recall what she’s to remember.


I thought the thunderclap of his making it snow; his reaching out to his loved ones and their instinctive response in spite of not really knowing what they’re responding to was sad, but made me somehow hopeful.

I was really happy that CEO Kim is now such a cool guy, and the kind of great mentor and aide (and boss) to Duk-hwa (the new boy king) still. I really like this actor and his versatility, don’t you? But isn’t it sad that Sunny seems to have put her life on hold these past 9 years?

It was perfect that Reaper Yeo is the only one who remembers Shin, and isn’t above telling him he needs to get a haircut. The fact that Samshin pleaded for someone to be left who remembers the great love between Shin and Eun-tak with Duk-hwa-body-borrowing god was also a nice touch.

But… Does our goblin still need a bride? (Say yes, please!) And is she still a special case? She’s taking heart medication! And she’s now 29, that dangerous age!

Will we need heart medication? I’m afraid so, but let me have some more longing, heartfelt reunions and serious skinship first, please!


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