1% of Something – Thoughts

Now that I’ve wrapped up my Gong Yoo obsession (not really), I was able to focus on some of my in-progress dramas, like the remake (sort of) of 1% of Anything. I notice that it’s billed as 1% of Something on Dramafever instead of the original title, and I think that’s a good thing because there really are some clear distinctions in the two versions, but the one important thing that they have in common is a love story that works.

Anything potentially spoiler-y after the jump.

Thinking of this as a pure remake messed with my head a little; there were aspects of the original storyline that I kept looking for and missing – at least until I stopped waiting for them to show up. I think it helped the original in its storytelling that it had 26 episodes to work things out and provide more character development, though longer is not always better as well well know.

While I enjoyed most of this new version, I found all the sequences with wannabe idol Ji-su and his bland performances a tedious version of product placement designed to promote him as a singer and sell music. The sequences with the ex-fiancee were equally tedious and predictable and not helped at all by the actress’s limited abilities and, not to put too fine a point on it, her relative unattractiveness. Jun So-min is not exactly all that much of a looker IMO – she has a kind of cute turtle face – but she is convincing as an actress, which is what really matters. I liked the lawyer friend and wished he had a bigger part; the hotel staffers including the often very funny Park Jin-joo were underutilized as well.

Where I think the reimagining scored higher points was in the skinship – stories today allow more today, provided it’s not for primetime on a conservative major network – even if they don’t have premarital sex they at least provided ample evidence that they enjoyed physical contact. Anyone needing proof of that needs only to watch the final minute or so over the credits at the close of the drama where they have a clip reel of the various kisses in the drama! My favorite has to be the bathrobe scene, the best look IMO for the actress (and please, center hair parts don’t favor that many people!)

Where the original scored the higher points for me was in the more rounded out cast of characters who provided a more complete picture of who the two lead characters were and how their coming together was so unusual. Ha Suk-jin was just a little too easy to fall for when all was said and done. Kang Dong-won was a better a better prickly pear in my opinion because his orneriness was more of a character trait that needed the love of Dada to smooth out. Ha Suk-jin’s behavior was driven not so much by his character but his circumstances and those were things that he had a greater ability to control himself, once he put his mind to it (in order to please Dada).

When it comes right down to it, I give the winning nod to the original.



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