Samurai Gourmet – First look

Apparently I can’t get enough of food porn-type drama series because Samurai Gourmet, a new mini drama offered on Netflix, caught my eye and I sampled the first two episodes. The premise is simple; a 60-year-old retired* salaryman discovers the joy of food and drink in his leisure time (now that he has some), and breaks out of his fears of what others might think by imagining how a lone samurai might react in given situations – like ordering a beer in the middle of the day.

The episodes are short, under 20 minutes, so they whiz by pretty quickly, and of course you get the requisite savoring of the meals. Simple, light entertainment – just the thing to fill a few minutes here and there.

*Retirement age in Japan is as early as 55 for some fields and 60 for others and is generally mandatory by the appropriate age. It kind of makes me jealous 😉

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