I’ve gotten hooked on this Irish series

called The Fall – it actually stars Gillian Anderson. There are 3 seasons so far and I’m thinking that this is the final one but I’m really enjoying the way it is written. The set up is not unique at all… I’ve seen many similar police dramas, but what I like is that the characters (including the serial murderer) are really well written and as each episode appears they continue to be fleshed out..and that includes our heroine/chief detective. Some scenes are really hard to watch..not really gory but cringeworthy..but it’s definitely gripping..I think we all love intelligent yet flawed characters and these certainly qualify and when they are pitted against each other it’s a real treat as a viewer. Also..I could listen to that Irish accent all day..lol..or is it a Belfast accent?

Don’t want to say too much but if you like these kind of series..do check it out!