The General and I, Ep. 1


Blood and sex, what else could a girl ask for?  LOL…

Actually other than the fact that this stars my beloved Wallace Chung, I was really drawn by this battle-scarred promo image, especially since these two lovers are from opposite camps in a war.  He’s a famous wily general, ruthless in his pursuit of the quickest possible way to get the war to stop, and she is the master strategist under the prince our general is sent to defeat.

I love the fact that she’s so very intelligent, crafty and resourceful, and respected even among battle-hardened soldiers when she’s really just a maidservant by status. But it’s already stressing me out a bit that the two protagonists are on opposite sides, because for one to win the other has to lose, who am I supposed to root for? Or against??  Both the kings in the story seem like shitty excuses for rulers, I already don’t like either of them,  yet both the General and the Prince seem like honorable upstanding men loyally defending their states.  Gosh I wish they would just band together and overthrow those power-hungry stunted emperors.

I can only hope the story will find a clever way to get our protagonists on the same page because they’re supposed to fall in love after all.  Can’t wait!




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