The General and I, Eps. 2-3


OK, so one squee for the smile our General gives when he finally sees our heroine again. And TWO squees after she bluntly tells him she’ll find a way to kill him and he tells her that he’ll create lots of opportunities for her to do so just so he can see her again.  OH MY effing HEART!!!! That’s some hardcore flirting right there!!  Whahaha!

I love so much that he’s self confident enough to enjoy how smart she is and how she defies him, but he’s also just enough of a macho a-hole that he can think “Yeah she wants to kill me, I  gotta marry her immediately!”  He starts making wedding preparations and doesn’t even tell her, much less ask her to marry him (he probably knows the answer) lol.

She’s pissed, and yet calmly smiling. Can’t wait to see what she’s going to do. Woot!

Our General isn’t completely insane, there is some back story behind his genuine interest in our heroine though she does not yet remember, but I’m glad they showed that there had been a bond between them before their present enmity, to help them eventually bridge their divide.  I had wondered how they could conceivably end up together and mean it without it being contrived.

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