Perfect Wife – First impressions

Okay, it’s hardly “first impressions” as I’m 10 episodes in, but of the different dramas I’m watching concurrently, it’s definitely one of the more different ones, and one of the more gratifying ones for a very special reason – the heroine is beset by different mysterious events and at each step in the process she confronts the potential perpetrator(s) immediately. Better yet, she’s doing so because she’s smart and no patsy – exactly the kind of heroine we see too little in our viewings.

And yeah, of course I’m watching it for Sung Joon too 😉 but more details are after the jump, just in case you would like to avoid knowing too much going in ahead of time (even though I won’t provide too much that’s spoiler content because that would be wrong with this kind of show).

So far, I think you have to be in the right frame of mind for this one and I wasn’t sure when I started it if I was, but it grew on me.

The plot (and it’s a twisty one) revolves around a wife and mother of 2 (Ko So-young) who’s struggling to help keep the family afloat as her former cool guy musician husband (Yoon Sang-Hyun with the most atrocious hair ever) is inept in the real working world. Turns out he’s had his ego stoked by a pretty co-worker and this sets in motion a chain of events that I can’t explain without going beyond spoilers.

Sung Joon is an assy lawyer who the heroine reports to at work, but they end up both out the door that first episode, but he’s not out of her life. I am not sure exactly what his role is in this drama – love interest for her with a noona crush or simply ally and friend – but even though it looks like he’s studiously avoided hard work he’s smart and dogged and a good foil for his Ahjumma.


Yoon Sang-Hyun plays such a simpleton that it’s hard for me to hope that he finds a way to keep their family unit together after his infidelity (and honestly, I’m kind of with the wife in this and how she responds), but time will tell. Simpletons hold less attraction for me than smarties, so I’m more curious to see where Sung Joon’s going. If Yoon Sang-Hyun was more than a not-so-bright nice guy with a need to feed his ego maybe I’d see him as more of a deserving rival – though to be fair, he’s a devoted father.

Let’s just say that I’m intrigued and want to see where the story goes and that I like Shim Jae-Bok, our heroine quite a lot.


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