The General and I, Eps. 6-7


The stuff that comes out of this man’s mouth, hahahaha!!!!

Well, I can’t quibble with a man who likes his women with a bit of meat on their bones, buahaha. Maybe they’re setting her up to get rounder later with the pregnancy weight and all. So far I’ve seen no signs of any bump.  The camera angles don’t dwell though. 🙂

The female antagonist is doing a great job at making me hate her. She’s so possessive of the General that I thought at first she was his concubine, but no… she’s the KING’s consort but she’s lusting after our General like this. It’s not only stupid but dangerous, and now she can’t contain her jealousy of our heroine.  But our General really has eyes for no one else, even flinging a dagger at her once when she was imperiously banging at the door of his chamber while he was trying to have a moment inside with the heroine, whahaha! Love this guy!

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