Shopping King Louis – ep 1 – first impressions – mild spoilers

Very nice – first of can you resist a hero who actually enjoys his bubble bath??? You don’t find that every day..lovely to see our boy again and he looks amazing since he’s wearing the right was cringing at the thought that we’d see those bangs again. It’s a little bit strange at the beginning in terms of being able to really relate to this shopaholics but on the other hand I love how they’ve crafted his character (or at least how much we can see so far)..he’s the little prince who is so well taken care of..spoiled and lacking for nothing..perfect Except for the fact that he lacks his freedom and though his cage is made of love and protection it still keeps him from doing things he wants to do.

I adored that scene where the butler is running after him to take his herbal medicine..brought me right back to a scene in my own childhood where my mother literally chased me around the kitchen with a spoonful of medicine..still remember the awful smell to this remember it with so much fondness though..what will parents NOT do to make sure their children eat??

Oska is back!! I wish he’d shave off that facial hair but he’s looking good and it seems that he is showing the characteristics that I would have expected Louis to show..I’m still not commited to our girl as of yet..typical country bumpkin of a girl who gets taken advantage of and lands herself in hot water..I will wait to see where she goes from here..and of course that cliffhanger came out of the blue..what on earth happened to our boy?