Shopping King Louis – Ep 3 Goboshi

I’m at the 3 episode mark where it’s time for a show I’m on the fence about has to make its move and Shopping King Louis, you’re on the bubble!

Spoilers after the jump.

Why isn’t this show grabbing me? Is it grabbing you? I know it inspired lots of ❤️on my Tlist, but I’m still here just for the Gukkie.

I can’t believe that anyone as business savvy as Yoon Sang-hyun’s character is would take someone who clearly seems to be just what she looks like – a country bumpkin who’s easily swindled and maybe has landed in the job she’s most capable of handling (custodial services) – and make her an intern in a fast-paced and trend-driven department such as his. No. Way. No. How. Even if he does feel bad about having caused her anxiety over the ginseng root (which looked a little too small to be as valuable as the script claimed it to be), paying her full market value (minus ‘service fee’) beyond what she asked him to pay and taking care of the medical bill pretty much makes him even. I don’t also believe that his heart would thump for a minute at her accidental ’embrace.’ Is it shallow of me to think she’s just not that attractive as an overdone plain Jane?

I dislike characters like In-sung (hah – poor real Jo In-sung to be mocked this way!) who are greedy users, even if they will offer some helpful service at some random point along the way. Even more, I dislike it when the people they swindle even on a small scale, like eating all the dinner when they’re uninvited guests, are too meek and ‘good-natured’ to stand up for themselves. It just annoys the hell out of me – I don’t care (and don’t believe it) that “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

On the other hand, cousin Ma Ri is more subtle in her approach and I can appreciate that; she wants to know why her boss is helping bumpkin Bok Shil and, rather than take the obvious route to make her life more of a challenge, she lends a helping hand. Yes, she is clearly a conniver, but she’s been aboveboard so far in trying to get what she wants thru hard work (like phoning Louis weekly to say hello and keep her oars in).

I’m patiently waiting for more information and for more Louis because that’s the most interesting part of this story for me, so far. Well… let’s see what ep. 4 brings.

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