Shopping King Louis – Episode 2

Well, it’s a brave new world for Louis. I’m still not 100% on this show, but it says a lot for Seo Inguk (or my affection for his quirky face) that I’m continuing on after episode 1.

Spoilers after the jump.

Okay, I get it: Go Bok Shil is a country girl and dirt poor, so the makeup free and dowdy look is acceptable, but is she too poor to own a hairbrush? And the fake tan and pale pink lips (albeit appropriately gloss-free) just make her look more cartoonish than the character concept of the ultra-rich and now ultra-amnesiac Louis. Nothing wrong with being kindhearted to the point of being a sucker, but I wonder if anyone could be living under a rock so deeply as to be oblivious to the modern world. I’m beginning to understand why her brother ran away from her lifestyle.

I thought the sequence in the jimjilbang was a lot of fun and the joy Louis takes in discovering all these heretofore unknown delights was perfectly expressed by Gukkie. Because he looks like an overgrown boy mixed with a dash of Pekinese, he can pull this off – I think it’s his unusual eyes – one minute he’s whipsmart, the next he’s naive, but we know he can pull out the sexy. (And thank you, Show PD for the gratuitous bathing and dressing scenes already.)

I will say that I appreciate the somewhat non-linear reveals of how Louis came to lose his memory. We’re left in the dark as much as he is and it looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit for the key information on how he came to be wearing the tracksuit with so much grime on him (and how long he’s been on those steps). BTW, there is no way in hades Korean cops would let vagrants slumber on such public steps at any time of day, let alone bright sunshine… just sayin’

The general feel of this is a little too cartoonish but I’m hoping it will settle down. It doesn’t help that we already know who the bad guy is without them having shown him doing any evil deeds. That guy is always a bad guy (as are his cronies) and they’re telegraphing his role with big semaphore flags. I wish the show would make us work a little harder to figure out the mysteries; we’re only on episode 2 and I think I could outline what’s to come right now, put it in an envelope and open it up at the finale and find I was pretty close to spot on. It’s up to the leads to make me love this show – now get to work!

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