The Liar and his Lover (Korean)

So I came upon an MV of what seems to be the Korean remake to that Japanese movie I enjoyed a few years ago, and already  i can tell they ruined the underpinnings of the original. Sigh.

They clearly got squeamish about the fact that the “Liar” is a grown man, still young, but who has been in the entertainment industry long enough to have hit the peak, become jaded, dropped out and is living a life of obscurity by the time he meets our heroine.  She on the other hand is a naive rube still in high school, but with a raw singing talent that attracts him. She’s totally ripe for exploitation. Their relationship borders on being inappropriate, especially because he’s older, cynical and we can’t trust his intentions… but that’s what made the movie edgy.

Here, it seems they’ve removed that conundrum because Dude looks like he’s STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL with her!  Wtf?  Where’s the tension and motivation supposed to come from now?  He’s neither old enough to be believably jaded, nor so hidden and removed from society that he might crave a breath of fresh air from a too-young girl with a crush!!

I just don’t understand the point of “remake” if you totally remove the backbone of the relationship and the plot, hahaha!  It might still be cute, I guess, like the “Fated to Love You” reimagining, but it will just be different…why not just call it something else…





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