The General and I, Eps. 8-11


This is our hero rejecting advances from the beautiful king’s consort.  He’s a one-woman man and he lets her know it, hoo-yah! 

The heroine however is starting to get on my nerves.  While our General has pretty much tossed God and country out the window for her,  this woman puts him last EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Granted, he’s a strong man, and he can take everything she throws at him, and I do understand that she’s a defender of the weak, and in her eyes he’s so glorious that everyone else is much weaker than he is and therefore in need of defending… but come on, woman, toss him some scraps!  He has his little heart, too. I think she could get what she wants out of him by just  ASKING him, he’s that whipped for her.  Why keep manipulating him when he’s so sincere?

It feels like she’s stabbing him in the back and it’s pissing me off…  😦


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