Ten miles of Peach Blossoms… thru ep 5 (no major spoilers)

This drama is non-stop action thus far, and we’ve got our heroine to thank for that, lol. I don’t understand why she isn’t severely reprimanded for her shenanigans, but I guess it’s because the master is so fond of her/him. If the 2nd prince of the Ghost realm, JinLing, wasn’t such a sniveling weakling, I wouldn’t mind the heroine falling for him. He really is a hottie too, but he’s all over the place with his emotions. I did like his pursual of her initially, but he’s so easily led with his defeatist attitude. Both he and Bai Qian’s childhood friend, Xuan Nu, got what they deserved so far, but I’m sure that they’re both far from done, especially Xuan Nu who is so blinded by her jealousy of Bai Qian.

I’m not seeing enough of the master so far, who’s been in seclusion thanks to the heroine’s high jinks, but his presence is most certainly felt when he makes an appearance.

There’s still so much going on that I’m confused by a few things. Sometimes I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is a flashback or not. Also time is moving by thousands of years very quickly. Like the speed of sound! Enjoying the heck out of it though! I look forward to it!

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