The General and I, Eps. 13-14



So SO whipped! :D!

I just love how viscerally our hero enjoys the heroine’s astuteness.  He relishes their battle of wits to no end, even though so far they’re always in opposite camps. He’s practically all heart-eyes when she outmaneuvers him instead of being embarrassed and angry about it.  Aish, my heart!!

Anyway despite appearances, she really is madly attracted to him and worries about his safety and well-being, but she’s a very practical sort of girl while he’s way more impetuously romantic: a total role reversal from the norm.  I was howling ROFL when he comes striding by himself into enemy camp so that he could basically take her on a date, whahaha!! Seriously, he must be asking for a beating,  his cojones are so big!! LOL.

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