Good news? Bad News?

I just saw on Dramabeans that there’s going to be a Japanese remake of I’m Sorry, I Love You and I don’t know what I’m feeling!

On the one hand, this is one of those classic, absolutely lovely in all its heartbreaking power melos, with So Jisub just crushing it and while I’d like to have more people exposed to the beauty of the story, I feel that remakes are best for those shows that are crap to begin with but have the germ of a good idea. But on the other hand, Nagase Tomoya is going to play So Jisub’s character and I know he can do the heartbreaking stuff just even if it seems like his dramas are mostly comedic, and I find him yummy.

My big quibble with him is that he’s a little old for the story as it was written, but maybe with the birth secrets thing it’s better, having him born in a generation where it would have been a greater scandal…

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