Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms… thru ep 10 (no major spoilers)

Wow! Another 70, 000 yrs has passed and everyone still looks great! Lol! What is it with these 2nd Princes’ anyway!?!? Well, at least this one stands up for his woman, and is willing to die for lack of her love. That’s very admirable! The master in new form is a very cold—brrrrr—character! I can only attribute that to lack of his mother’s love. What cruel men these gods are, even Ye Hua’s father! How could he allow such a thing!!!

Bai Qian has grown so much from the early days, and has not deviated one bit from her devotion to her master. I can’t wait till the two meet again, and that cold heart of Ye Hua’s is melted. But again, the gods play cruel games with the fates of each other….

Xuan Nu is still a witch, and I’m sooooo looking forward to that comeuppance—-whenever it arrives! Karma, I’m sure, or I hope, is even sweeter in the spiritual realm???
I’m also liking the “wise” men of this drama. They seem to intervene at exactly the right time, and even manipulate the situation in a good way, of course.

Good drama, well written!!

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