Jin Dong, I’ve missed you!

You intrigued me in Nirvana in Fire but made me swoon in The Disguisers (but I won’t even talk about how you were not used to full advantage in Ode to Joy or the goofy Candle in the Tomb) but now a doctor? Or should I say one of several…


Okay, you look fine, you’re the lead, and it looks like there’s romance for you. I’m in, but be on call in case you break my heart if it’s not up to the caliber I expect for you.

The subbed trailer has had the plug pulled on YouTube, so here’s an unsubbed version. He’s become a surgeon, returned to his home and is working to uncover a mystery involving a possible (probable) wrongful death and medical coverups. His co-star Bai Baihe is also a surgeon and they share a history thru their ties to the mystery.

A number of other familiar NiF faces too make an appearance.

#jin-dong, #surgeons