Finished Ten Miles…..

Fortunately, I’ve had a few days off for the Holy Week, so I got to finish this one. And honestly, I was ready for it to end because there were just too many episodes for my taste. They could’ve completed this 18 eps or so less, imho. That being said, I did like this drama! Some of the side characters got a wee bit more air time than I would’ve liked, but I read reviews where some were pretty invested in those side stories—-so I won’t complain, lol….
The hero—-I liked a lot. He was a thinking man, who measured and weighed situations and consequences most thoughtfully. He was quite fair, even though he dropped the ball, once or twice where his beloved was concerned. This man felt deeply though, and I found myself feeling right along with him.
I also liked the heroine, but there were more than a few moments where she got on my nerves, specifically in her 2nd life. She went from fierce and headstrong to weak and simpering, and that period lasted a bit too long for my taste too. It may have not really been that long, actually, but it felt like it. I liked her better when that “period” was over, but she still maintained some of those characteristics that were most annoying. And, I swear, if she said “Ye Hua” one more time, I was ready to throw her butt into the waters ruled by the North god! There was also a relationship, an important one imo, where she was pretty hands off and definitely should not have been, especially when the truth was revealed.
It’s a nice fantasy though, filled with villains and magic and mythical creatures…..and for Mark alone, certainly worth the watch!

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