The General and I, thru Ep. 27


…says a man secure in his relationship.  Hahahahaha!

I enjoy this couple too much, even though their love is all sturm and drang i’ll-die-for-you type of epic romance, there are a few moments of levity that sneak in there, at least for me.  My biggest quibble is that they don’t have enough screen time together, as they are most often apart doing their own thing, and we spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the silly wuxia sword-fighting and such. I like and appreciate the clever strategizing that goes into the battles but really I can do without minutes on end of swords clanking and flying through the air.  But, ah well, it comes with the territory.

At this point it feels like one era of the drama has ended and another will begin. One of the major subplots has been settled and the main characters are all entering a new reality, so let’s see what conflict will now arise to preoccupy us for the next 35 episodes. I’m not even halfway yet, dang!



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