Hilarious Meta Moment in Surgeons

Because everything I’m currently engrossed in is an on-air drama (I really should go back to my backlist of others in progress some day…), I found myself picking up yet another new one – Surgeons, with Jin Dong. I’ve watched the first 8 episodes and, without giving away any spoilers I’ll say that the medical moments are almost laughably bad, especially the surgical bits, but the stuff that happens outside that is a resounding “okay.” He looks fine, his costar Bai Baihe is attractive and natural, and there are plenty of familiar faces, including the weasely guy from The Disguisers (with the atrocious teeth) and the Wasp, who was also Marquis Ning in Nirvana in Fire.

Clearly the production team had a laugh at him with this scene, with that actor at home relaxing after a hard day of setting up a colleague and making deals with a pharma rep.