Finished “Pride” again… lol

And this go around, I got the impression that Aki was always ready to fall in love again, and that she was more in love with Halu — up until the end — than he was with her.

Although Aki was abandoned by a selfish boyfriend for 2 years, she never lost the capacity to love — which is why she waited. Halu, otoh, purposely lost his capacity to love in direct relation to his mother’s abandonment when he was a kindergartner.

Halu lost the ability to trust, his sense of security, and was willing to go through his life without the real love that those things bring. He didn’t fight for Aki even though she was more than worth fighting for. He had to go and “find” himself… Now whether that’s a good thing or not, he could’ve also lost a good woman while living in the “meantime”…

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