I’m only watching it for him…

How many times have we said that before? Well, I’m doing it again. I sampled the first episode of c-drama Across the Ocean to See You just to get a feel for it and totally fell for the lead male (Zhu Ya Wen) because:

  • He’s the cute class clown type, but when he’s serious, he’s kinda sexy (and he’s only joking to lighten the tension or deflect attention)
  • He’s into taking care of those he cares about (and he cooks)
  • He’s physically very fit and moves gracefully
  • He’s not a super looker, but he’s incredibly appealing

But… I fast-forward through almost every scene he’s not in. He’s totally ___whipped by the woman he falls for, even though she’s mostly a shrew to him, and he puts up with incredible nonsense from his BFFs stalker little sister, and can’t say ‘no’ to his female relatives, particularly a bossy aunt. Every side story in the drama has me not caring, especially his BFF’s stuff. I can’t recommend it and yet, after 32 episodes I can’t not continue!

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