Whisper – First impressions

Since this is Lee Bo Young’s return drama I was curious as to her choice..also it was interesting that she was paired off with Lee Sang Yoon whom she’d worked with in My Daughter Seo Young (which I loved!). I thought she was perfect as the cold, reserved, damaged heroine who was slowly thawed by his love… New roles for each of them here; she is a fired detective who is out to get her innocent father out of jail and he is a judge who starts out with a conscience but because of circumstances makes choices which leads to them being serious adversaries.

I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes – they’ve been quite intense and I won’t lie that I sighed at the usual big business corruption but many of my favourite characters are here and that’s a good thing. Right now the poor man is under pressure from all sides, including our heroine who is blackmailing him into helping her  as she desperately tries to get her father out. We have no idea why the baddies are intent on keeping him IN – especially when it’s so much easier to bump him off… lol… but so far it’s been interesting – she looks great and ready for battle, and so does he so I can’t wait until they join forces…

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