I started up on Radiant Office

Up to episode 8 and I’m loving it so far. In fact yesterday I just couldn’t make myself stop watching – (that hasn’t happened in a while!!!).

Robin, I know that you have already seen it and I think you enjoyed it too? Anyway..this actress is one of my favourites and she’s doing a masterful job with this character. I love her pluck..her optimism..her patience and her strength..I adore all her imaginatory scenes–we’ve all been there..lol! I can’t really say the same for him, not that he isn’t good, only that it’s more of the same that I’ve seen in the last two dramas. I love (most of)  these characters–my favourite being the trio of contract workers who have become a little “family” that started out in such a strange way–there have been times when I’ve just broken out in laughter–love it!! One thing for sure.

I’m so  happy that I don’t have to work in Korea!! I’m sure that I’d never survive!!

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