Picked up Suspicious Partner

I was in the mood for something lighter and romantic and since time is ticking for our dear Healer to go into the army I thought this would be perfect.

First of all let me say how wonderful he looks…I love everything about him here..his hair shows off her attractive face and isn’t covering that noble forehead..lol..he looks very sharp in his suits and he is just too awesome for words….she’s..ok too…lol.

I must say that her look has definitely improved with each drama that I see her in..the girl has beautiful hair and uses it her her advantage and the rest of her isn’t bad either.

Ok..with that out of the way…I purposefully didn’t read up on it ahead of time because I always like to go in with a blank slate..they do have a very crisp and interesting chemistry and that’s helped along with really zippy and witty dialogue..it almost reminded me of those bygone days of Hollywood. Though they got off on the wrong foot..totally her fault of course…I liked the fact that he rose above his understandable anger and chose to help out a damsel in distress – even when he really didn’t have to. I like his character..I like that what he does makes sense once we know his background…. As for her..as usual..like many a heroine..she’s way over the top and I’m waiting for her to settle down..I know she can do it and I’m willing to wait..while I have eye candy to distract me.  Of course as the episodes (I’ve seen two) go on some things are just predictable..maybe it’s just because I’ve seen too many similar scenarios?

Things suddenly got serious really fast at the end..certainly didn’t see it coming and I feel like I’ve got whiplash..trying to adjust from a light romcom to a murder mystery so we shall see where it goes but I’m willing to overlook alot if I can see my Healer for a little while longer..

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