Love for Ten: Generation of Youth – Impressions

After wrapping Bad Guys last night I turned my attention to other titles in my Netflix queue and spotted Love for Ten: Generation of Youth, which is one of those quickie web dramas. There are 12 episodes at about 10 minutes each in length, so if you skip the closing credits you’re done in under 2 hours!

It’s a pretty basic story; a nerdy guy (played by Lee Sung-yeol of the group Infinite, not the older singer of the same name who uses the spelling Yi Sung Yol) who has been rejected by one girl after another in grade school and is about to give up until he meets the girl of his dreams in college. She’s played by Nam Ji-hyun (but not the same one as in Suspicious Partners) and they become friends — or I should say he becomes her faithful shadow and she enjoys his company and math skills.

He’s so cute and sweet that it’s hard to picture any girl turning him down, and I wish I could like her better. She seems more like the sort of girl who’s a pretty girl who’s used to this kind of attention, somewhat expecting those attentions (though not taking them seriously).

There are the usually slapsticky buddies and other characters and it’s generally inoffensive quickie entertainment if you’re between shows.

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