Man to Man – beginning with a bit of a struggle

I don’t know why, but it’s been like pulling teeth trying to get through the first 2 episodes. Maybe it’s my mood, maybe I shouldn’t watch it late at night when I’m tired, but I just kept nodding off and giving up and it took me three nights to get to the end of ep 1. I think part of it is that I’m confronted with over the top situations and I instantly start rolling my eyes.

Of course our lad looks amazing in this – finally a haircut I love! He looks super cool and super sophisticated in those dark suits and those dark sunglasses too – what’s not to love? I’m not sure I like this heroine – her look or her mannerisms – but it wouldn’t be the first time, so I’m willing to be patient. I love our villain but I think it’s because I love the actor. I can’t say I know any of these characters at all and maybe that’s why I can’t connect with them. Of course at episode two that’s a given. I’m thawing a bit now and hope to continue and become more involved. I really want to feel something and to root for them but I’m not there yet.

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