Lots of romances popping up this year!

Lee Junki was “discovered” earlier this year regarding his romance… Hyun Bin is publicly dating Kang Sora… Rain tied the knot with Kim Tae-hee and will be parents soon… and now the latest shocking news… Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo, THE ultimate couple last year really ARE a couple and planning to marry!!! Isn’t that almost like a fairy tale coming true…lol??

I mean we have so many super couples that we fall in love with in dramas and wish really WERE a real couple who fall in love and now it’s really happened. I must say I never expected that, but that’s great news. These are all mature men who really are at that point in their lives where they want to go the next step in their personal lives as well as their professional ones. Who can blame them? Now I wish that Gong Yoo would be the next revelation. Isn’t he older than all of the above?