Man to Man Ep 7 – spoilers!

Well..looks like we’ve entered a new phase…I think!

Since his identity has been revealed, now what?? She must be one confused girl..(more than her normal confusion that is!)…on the one hand she’s discovered who he really is and after hearing all from the “other” ghost spy and realizing that her love story just might not be real how will she take it?

On the other hand, there he is, a true hero in all sense, rescuing her like a real superhero and even getting wounded. What does THAT mean? She’s going to have lots of questions for any girl would but who knows if she’ll get a chance to ask them?

I do hope that the cutesy part isn’t over yet but am scratching my head about how they would re-introduce it at this point. After all, if he accepts those newly discovered feelings then disgust won’t be part of his interactions, right?

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that with all those episodes still to come, it will be agony if we’ve already reached the highlight of this drama.

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