Man X Man – thru ep 8

Wait, what… after that look he came back? Spoilers after the jump.

Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that he’s Agent K and a ghost agent for the NIS, but does that mean he’s going to look out for himself? No. Of course not (or else I guess we’d have a different drama), but part of me was really hoping that he would, especially after the particularly cow-eyed look Do-ha gives him after the rescue. If someone looked at me with that goofy expression, I’d run for the hills!

But Camelia, you hit the nail on the head when you said that there were whiffs of Betty la fea in this, down to her fuller than normal eyebrows and the bangs stubstituting for Betty’s ‘capul’ – and her hair looks a little lank too. I guess he really is Armando as well because he looks absolutely amazing in everything he puts on. That scene where he’s watching her cry her eyes out in the empty (save for the chandelier AND disco ball!) lair was a pictorial from a fashion mag. I don’t necessarily love the blue striped suit he was wearing, but he worked it and the scene composition was amazing.

Now that the other ghost agent has been burned, why does he still claim that he wants to kill K? Or is that part of this convoluted and not terribly brilliant plot and just a ploy/setup? Do I care?

And as for the “actor” playing Do-ha’s father, well I just want to smack him and send him to remedial acting class because he’s so OTT and stupid — too stupid to live. Can we hope that she becomes an orphan soon? Is that wrong of me?

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