Man to Man – thru ep 10

What a yawner this was! Ludicrous in light of the fact that lots of tension filled scenes were in it, except they didn’t FEEL tension filled, though I know they were written to be so.

Probably the highlight was the surprise cameo by Song Joongki – lol – I just don’t know where they are going? Do the writers know where they’re going? It’s so confusing… it’s like they’ve put in a bit of comedy, a bit of thriller, a bit of melodrama, a bit of romance, but which one IS it?

It’s not to say that at times things can’t be mixed and turn out a fantastic scene, and I harken back to BLF (again) and the crucial scene in the meeting room when Armando’s sins are revealed as well as Betty’s knowledge of events — you could have cut that scene with a knife it was soooooooo riveting, and just when you thought you couldn’t bear the tension any longer… in bursts Patty saying coffee is served!!Woosh…hahaha…OMG!!!!!! We were feeling ALL of those feelings in that moment — what a brilliant way to blend comedy and high drama.

I’m glad the two ghost spies are finally working together! I like that actor. Hurrah for the good guys… one more member has joined!

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