FINISHED Man to Man and on to My Secret Romance!

All I can say is…good riddance! So glad that’s finally over..I hope that these actors choose their next projects more wisely because this one was definitely forgettable..not even the ending episode could save fact it irritated me even!!

I needed something to wash that nasty taste from my mouth and remembered this one which is short and hopefully sweet! I know that tc ended up enjoying it at any I watched the first two episodes and am so glad I did because they were just what I needed! Light fluff..familiar characters..spoiled chaebol son who needs to grow up..unlucky misfit of a girl who has her own issues..those “fated” and continuous meetings..there were a couple of scenes where I did burst out laughing they were so over the top! You were so right tc..things happened pretty fast indeed. Second episode doesn’t make us like this guy any more than we did in the first episode..he STILL needs to grow up and learn to treat people better and I guess now will be her chance to make sure that he does because..all the laws of dramaland are in full swing and where ELSE would she land a job..but at HIS I do like his secretary though..nice to see one that isn’t fact..the shoe seems to be on the other last..SOMEthing different. Looking forward to more silliness…..

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